Starting A New Construction Project | The Journey 03

This week was amazingly productive. I started a new construction project that I’m managing, had a few really solid workouts, and interviewed a new guest for the podcast (Ep. 09) where I believe we provided a lot of value to the listeners.

Some More Documentation & Updates | The Journey 02

This weekly vlog series is all about documenting my journey over the long term. In this episode, I quickly go over some updates related to what I’ve been working on and doing the past couple weeks.

Always Move Forward | The Journey 01

This is episode 01 of my new Vlog series called “The Journey.” The purpose of this video series is it acting as a tool to document my experiences, the things I learn, and the tiny steps I take each day/week to move forward (aka the journey). This will hopefully be a weekly series pending my current workload. My goal is to raise awareness for the millennial generation around practicing the art of patience and living the way of always moving forward as we pursue our long term dreams.


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I had a great time being interviewed by writer and professional speaker Gonzalo Salinas where we philosophized about all things related to life, self-development, fitness, social skills, and adventure.