Nitch Radio is an interview style podcast show I produce which captures the journeys, lessons, and experiences of the influencers, leaders, athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs that I find inspiring. No subject is off limits here! We just focus on being healthy, wealthy, and wise.

The goal is to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, mindsets, and much more.

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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
47 The 2020 Reflections & Lessons Learned 01/04/2021
46 How To Use Your Breath To Reduce Stress, Improve Performance, & Control Your Attention 06/28/2020
45 How To ‘Work on Your Game’ with Dre Baldwin 05/27/2020
44 How To Lead Your Business, Family, & Life With Jason Gardner 04/29/2020
43 Intentional Fitness & Performance With Coach Matt Nichols 04/27/2020
42 10 Steps To Become A Successful New Leader 04/17/2020
41 Shake The Dirt with Michael Arterberry 04/13/2020
40 5 Time Management Principles That Actually Put You In Control of Your Time 04/10/2020
39 Season 2, Ep. 1 – Choose Your Struggle 02/01/2020
38 Purpose, Dating, & Self-Improvement with Pablo Rosario 11/10/2019
37 How to Set Up Your Personal Finance System 06/16/2019
36 The Power of Saying No & Doing Things The Hard Way 05/26/2019
35 How To Develop Discipline & Mental Toughness, 75-Day Challenge 04/07/2019
34 Solo Episode – Buddhism, Personal Freedom, Detachment, & Karma 03/27/2019
33 Pablo Rosario – Find Your Passion, Find Your Life 03/04/2019
32 3 Rules for Successful Real Estate Investing with Marco Santarelli 02/27/2019
31 Matt Javit: How To Travel The World & Plan Your Mini-Retirement 01/12/2019
30 Jamie Leigh: The Beginners Guide to E-Commerce 12/17/2018
29 The Value of Investing with Jack Vogel & Corey Philip 10/30/2018
28 How to Attract Money Using Mind Power with James Goi Jr. 10/21/2018
27 Corey Philip: Clarity + Consistency = Success 09/23/2018
26 Lessons from Naval Ravikant on How to Get Rich (without getting lucky) 09/14/2018
25 The Story of Friends Over Foods With Sagar Madhiwala 08/05/2018
24 Your Network Is Your Net Worth 08/04/2018
23 Fitness For Business & Becoming The Business Athlete 05/21/2018
22 A Conversation About Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, & The Future With Sebastian Valderrama 04/07/2018
21 Pablo Rosario – How To Improve Your Communication & Relationship Skills 02/28/2018
20 Mike Desepoli – How To Manage Personal Finance & Invest In Your 20’s 12/17/2017
19 The Live Great Lifestyle with Fitness Coach Luke DePron 11/23/2017
18 Erik Harrison – The New Construction Leader 10/09/2017
17 Staying On The Path Using The Power of Accountability [Ft. Stallon Silver] 10/07/2017
16 Nitch Apparel – Premium Clothing For #TheJourney 09/16/2017
15 Josh Levin – The Story of Empowered Electric 09/04/2017
14 Expecting Greatness & Living A Life Of Excellence with John Hawkins 08/16/2017
13 Nick Wood – Building The Startup Community One App at a Time 07/31/2017
12 Tony Booth: Successful Construction Project Management & Leadership 06/26/2017
11 3 Tips For Building Your Network & Meeting New Amazing People 06/19/2017
10 A Quick Introduction to Kyle Nitchen 06/17/2017
9 Charles Extrom: 10 Things Learned From The Biggest Entrepreneurial Event of 2017 04/23/2017
8 Dynamo De Jesus: How To Accomplish Your Bucket List 04/09/2017
7 Morning Rituals, The Journey & Always Moving Forward 03/11/2017
6 Community Q&A Episode 02/19/2017
5 The 35 Critical Business Terms Everyone Should Know 02/18/2017
4 The Life Changing Art of Decluttering 02/16/2017
3 Primal Joe: Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Reduce Stress, & Kick-Ass 12/24/2016
2 Robin Cash: Be Willing to Experience Anything 12/10/2016
1 Alejandro Santana: How to Live a Good Life…For Free 11/25/2016