The Money Morning Routine

Conquer the morning, Conquer the day

Life is busy. It can feel impossible to move toward your dreams. If you have a full-time job and kids, I’m sure it’s even harder.

How do you move forward?

I’m hearing more and more high achievers talk about the success they’re experiencing from performing a morning ritual. A lot of them claim a morning ritual helps them become the most productive version of themselves.

I like to live each day with intent and purpose. I get frustrated when I get caught just going through the motions. So if a morning routine results in more clarity and productivity in my day, I’m absolutely going to learn everything I can about the practice.

I’ve noticed one huge difference between the big achievers and the rest of the world.

The big achievers simply have more great days than everybody else. 

Most people have a lot of “alright” days and “so-so” days. Every now and then they’ll have a great day. But winners on the other hand, consistently have GREAT days.

You see, the morning either makes or breaks the day.

A great morning makes it a great day. A bad morning makes it a bad day. Conquer the morning, conquer the day.

I invite you to take control of your morning and put some intention behind it.

Morning Rituals that are simple and easy are the ones that I’ve found to be most effective. I’ve failed before by making morning rituals too strict and over complicated. If I ever missed one part of the ritual or ran out of time before I had to go, the morning would feel like a waste.

With this short morning routine, your life will quickly change.

The Money Morning Routine

1. Coffee

A good morning routine starts the night before with at least 6 hours of quality sleep.

I rise at a reasonable time and the first thing I have after a tall glass of water is a fresh cup of Joe. For me, this means I wake up at 6AM and drink bulletproof coffee (coffee with butter).

I start the day with coffee because I enjoy the aesthetics of drinking something hot and soothing; the caffeine stimulation is a plus.

I drink RED Coffee by RED Supplements. This is the best tasting coffee available today. No chemical taste. Just pure, smooth, rich coffee.

“Start with an idea and add coffee.”

I make sure to really enjoy my cup of coffee, relax, think, and focus on several real good deep breaths. This is the time I carve out for myself – no phone, no e-mail, and no social media allowed.

I take about 30 minutes to drink my coffee. While I’m enjoying my coffee, and after a dozen deep breaths – I’ll read 10 pages out of whatever book I am reading at the time.

2. Movement

After my coffee and reading about 10 pages, it’s now time to move. I put on some shoes and head outside for some very light cardio. I say light because this cardio isn’t meant to burn you out. The purpose of this cardio is to get you in motion.

Remember Newton’s First Law of Motion: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. 

We want to get ourselves in motion so we can move forward on the day’s mission.

Like I said, I keep it light. I don’t stress about the intensity because I get my high intensity training done in the evenings.

Fortunately, in my case I live on the beach so I jog to the sand, look at the ocean, think of 3 things I’m grateful for, stretch, and jog back.

Beach Sunrise

The Atlantic Ocean

It takes me about 10 minutes and it creates a huge impact in my day. You can tweak it however you like to your situation, the only requirements here are that you move your ass and leave your home.

Psychologically, leaving your home does incredible things for your mind and mood.

I found leaving for even just 10 minutes short circuits the brain and leaves you with that feeling of accomplishment.

Your brain thinks: “I just went somewhere and now I’m back, and it’s not even 6:45AM. Today must be a productive day.”

An object in motion stays in motion. An object at rest stays at rest.

3. Cold Shower

After movement I come back and hop right into a cold shower.

I invite you to educate yourself on some of the studied benefits of cold showers: increased testosterone, will power, alertness, circulation, fertility, immunity, & better skin and hair.

When I get out of my cold shower in the morning, I feel reborn.

It’s time to dominate the day and move 1% closer to my goals.

That’s it friends. The Money Morning Routine.

Coffee – Movement – Cold Shower

After my morning routine, I cook a clean breakfast and head out the door ready to make a difference.

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