iPM #01: Intentional Fitness & Performance With Coach Matt Nichols

Matt Nichols

Intentional Fitness & Performance

Season 2, Episode 5

In this episode, I interview my good friend, coach, and general manager of Oak Park LA – Matt Nichols. Oak Park is the home of CrossFit LA in Santa Monica, CA and is the gym that I train at. Matt is an explorer, driven by curiosity and a love for problem solving. He finds joy in guiding people through the process of discovery that reveals the best version of themselves.

Connection is fundamental to the human experience, and Matt believes that it is through authentic, meaningful connection with others that we discover our greatest potential. Matt has been coaching athletes since 2012, and he fully committed to this journey in 2017 when he ended a 15-year legal career to become a professional Oak Park Coach.

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Matt’s Introduction & Origin Story
  • The Snapshot Tool & How To Use It
  • Investing vs. Consuming Fitness
  • The theory behind programming Practice, Competition, & Mental Toughness days into your training
  • Matt’s Physical Practice & Why
  • XPT – Breathe, Move, Recover
  • The benefits of Cold Water, Ice bath, & Sauna Exposure
  • Breathe Work
  • How to maximize the energy systems in our body using breathe
  • Closing Gratitude

Connect with Matt:

  • Email: matt@oakparkla.com
  • Website: www.oakparkla.com
  • Instagram: @coachmattnichols

Listen to this powerful interview with Matt Nichols in Season 2, Episode 5:

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