How to Blend Killer Green Smoothies in Under 3 Minutes

You can barely go anywhere online today without running into a green smoothie drinker. They’re everywhere and they talk about it a lot.

I’m typically not the type of person who gets excited talking about green smoothies. However, I do get fired up about living the good life.

A fundamental piece of presenting your best self to world means being strong, healthy, and loaded with positive energy.


I’m sharing this straightforward recipe because it flat out works. I’m convinced that you can dramatically improve your health just by adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Before we begin, let’s touch quickly on the Why?

5 Reasons to Start Drinking Green Smoothies Today

1 – Gives your digestive system a chance to rest and heal

  • Digesting food takes energy. Since you do it every day, the digestive system is slaving away, pulling out nutrients from what we eat.

2 – More fruits and vegetables get into your body than possible with eating

  • Juices and smoothies are like taking a shot of vitamins, nutrients, and processed sunshine.

3 – More portable than solid meals

  • Easier to pack, store, and take with you wherever you want to go without weighing you down.

4 – Less aches and pains + better skin

  • You are giving your body the tools it needs to fight inflammation. You will notice less pain and clearer skin when you drink green smoothies consistently.

5 – More energy and happier outlook on life

  • When you’re stressed out (everyone is) your body requires more nutrition than normal. Green juices and smoothies flood your stressed out body with more vitamins and nutrients. This contributes to increased energy.

How to Blend Killer Green Smoothies in Under 3 Minutes


Measure out 2 cups of leafy greens.

I almost always go with a mixture of Kale and Spinach.

Some other options include: Romaine, Collards, Bok Choy, & Swiss Chard.


Pictured: Step 1

STEP 2: 

Measure out 2 cups of water. Blend up the greens and water, only.


Pictured: Step 2


Measure out 2 cups of mixed frozen fruit and add that to the already blended greens.


Pictured: Step 3

Step 4:

Done. Serve & drink your fresh green smoothie.


Pictured: Step 4 – Done.

You will find this green smoothie to be heavenly, I guarantee it.

Note: This recipe will make you enough for two (2) green smoothies. I suggest sharing with a friend or refrigerating the 2nd serving for next time.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kyle Nitchen


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