The Cardinal Leadership Principle: Extreme Ownership

How Navy Seals Lead & Win

Lately I’ve been fascinated with the subject of leadership. I’ve literally been reading everything I can get my hands on around the topic.

This book is about leadership. It was written for leaders of teams large and small, for any person who aspires to better themselves. Though it contains tons of INSANE accounts of SEAL combat operations, it’s a collection of lessons learned from these experiences that easily convert into the world of business and life.

The 10 Core Principles:

  1. The leader is always responsible — The leader of their team is responsible for all the outcomes because they make the action calls. If they command an order, it is not a benefit for them or disrespect to yourself, it is you working towards a goal that the business needs.
  2. Every team member must believe in the mission — If members of a team are disagreeing with the decisions being made, it is very likely their productivity will decrease since they are working towards something they do not believe in. Cut out your own personal opinion and work towards the bigger picture.
  3. Work with other teams to achieve mutual beneficial outcomes — Big businesses work with competitors to get to the same achievement. They use the other team as a tool to advance further in life.
  4. Develop simple, clear, and concise action plans — Manager delivers clear instructions on how to succeed for the day. Instructions are clearly written, said, and easily understandable. The workers will be geared towards the path of success because they know the instructions.
  5. Limit your ego — A worker’s uncontrolled ego can lead to disaster. Limiting your ego is limiting the possibility of obtaining negative results.
  6. Prioritize and work, one at a time — The goal with the highest importance should always be completed first. The author says the principle works best when managers control the workloads given to team members.
  7. The mission statement must be clarified — Leaders clarify the goal every time, and reminds them repeatedly to leave the mission imprinted in their minds. Keeping team members on the same page is crucial in being successful.
  8. Keep an open line of communication with superiors — By keeping a good line of communication between the higher ups, it helps the team as a whole.
  9. Decisions must be thought out — Any circumstance, outcomes, results, and anything that can be affected from the decision has to be put into consideration or else it is a careless act from the leader.
  10. Everyone should possess the qualities of a leader — Solid courage, self control, keen sense of justice, certainty of decision, definiteness of plans, practice of doing more than expected, attractive personality, sympathy and understanding, mastery of detail, eagerness to assume full responsibility, cooperation.


Kyle Nitchen

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