Charisma University Review: Can You Learn a Real Life Superpower?

Have you heard about Charisma University?

CU was founded by Charlie Houpert & Ben Altman from Charisma On Command. Maybe you’ve seen one of their popular YouTube videos.

I stumbled upon Charisma University when I had just moved to Miami Beach – a city I’d never been to before. I’m glad I did because it changed my experience in that city forever.

There are many products, services and websites available online that claim to be able to show you how to improve your social skills, have flowing conversations, or move up the ladder. Charisma University combines all of them and more.

There’s an important truth in this world that your parents probably didn’t tell you when you were growing up.

From the age of 5 we were accidentally fed a lie.

You go to school, you get good grades, you go to college, you get more good grades, then you get a great job, work hard, move up and you are a success.

Except not.

We’re forgetting one very important requirement:

You need to connect with people. You need people to like you. And you need to like them back. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter how many boxes you check. You’re going to come up short in success, happiness, and fulfillment.

It isn’t fair, but deep down we all know that this is how the world works.

Charisma University Review

Your relationships with other people are the most important factor in determining the quality of your life.

Learning charisma changed my life. I know of no more important skill for feeling happy and fulfilled.

Unfortunately, most people will tell you it can’t be learned.  “You’re born with it or you’re not.”

So we have this amazing quality. A quality that propels companies to success, makes people filthy rich, and leads to high levels of personal fulfillment for the lucky few among us who have that natural draw.

The reality is charisma is not like this at all.

Charisma is like building muscle. With the right routine and the right perseverance, it can be developed.

Have you ever seen someone walk in and immediately take over a room?

They’re magnetic and they draw people to them. They walk in with confidence that you can see right away. When they speak, people listen. Every joke they tell gets a laugh and every story they tell has the people around them hooked.

They have the dating life most people dream. Interviews, public speaking, social gatherings, they can shine in any situation.

That’s exactly what charisma is.

You see, I actually used to be a shy guy. CU first helped me recognize all my bad habits. Second, it created a specific action plan for me to dramatically improve my charisma.

What is Charisma University?

CU is a 6 week step-by-step program designed to give you all the tools you need to take your charisma to the next level.

Charisma University is broken down into 6 video modules:

  • Module 1: First Impressions
  • Module 2: Confidence
  • Module 3: Expert Conversation
  • Module 4: Storytelling
  • Module 5: Presence and Magnetism
  • Module 6: Leadership
  • Bonuses: Group Interactions, Mastering The Art of Comedy, Charisma Breakdowns (my personal favorite)

Enroll in Charisma University Now

This isn’t fluffy theory stuff either like you might get in a book. You’ll get real, ready-to-use tools that you can begin to implement immediately so that each week you’re seeing massive strides.

You’ll also get an actionable, step-by-step guide so that you know how to integrate everything you learn into your daily life. You’ll basically have the exact formula to learn Charisma On Command.

A Look At The Members Area

CU students receive lifetime access to its timeless content.

As a member, CU is more like a life-long resource that I can come back to over and over to sharpen the saw as I advance through life.

What Can You Expect?

When I first moved to Miami Beach, FL, I didn’t know a single soul.

Being in a brand new city was intimidating as hell. I was way outside of my comfort zone.

Three weeks after my move to Miami is when I enrolled into Charisma University. Over time, I went from knowing no one to being able to bring over 50 people together and put them in a room.

That moment when you realize you're already living the dream #Epic #Charisma

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Here are some of my accomplishments since CU:

  • Created hundreds of new relationships, some of which led to money making opportunities
  • Increased success in the workplace
  • Created a blog, CU helped me connect with my blog audience
  • Started an interview format podcast show
  • Started public speaking
  • Generally feel more fulfilled and in control of life
  • Comfortable going out anywhere and leading a meaningful conversation with anyone
  • Able to handle negative people and negative situations much more effectively

You can do it too. Because I’m not special.

Things You Will Learn In-Depth at Charisma University:

  1. Consistently make killer first impressions so they’ll remember you over everyone else they met.
  2. Have conversations that flow effortlessly, so you won’t have those awkward moments of silence where the other person politely excuses themselves.
  3. Know how to connect instantly and deeply so you can feel certain they’ll want to see you again.
  4. Be able to connect with older, more successful business mentors.
  5. Never be the person standing alone, pulling out your phone and checking email every 5 minutes. You’ll be the person leading conversation and bringing energy to the whole room.

Charisma University will teach you the way. You will walk away with a real life superpower.

Who Is Charisma University For?

  • College students looking to build a fun social circle
  • Employees wanting to move up in the workplace
  • Entrepreneurs striving to build a brand, lead a movement, and make an impact
  • People looking to improve every relationship in their life
  • Anyone wanting to improve their dating life
  • Anyone who wants to inspire, energize, and impress everyone they meet

Enroll in Charisma University and you’ll be the one leapfrogging waitlists, stumbling on ridiculous moneymaking opportunities, intriguing romantic interests, and inspiring everyone around you.

I often tell people going to Charisma University is like getting your Bachelor of Science in Social Dynamics. However, unlike many other degrees you can get, you walkaway with some useful information that will actually help you navigate through life.

Charisma is that skill you can count on using everyday of your life. We’re humans and humans are social animals.

When I got hired on with the company I work for now, during my interview my Executive VP said: “We look for 4 core traits in our employees.” The first one was drive. The second one was the ability to get along with everyone.

You need to really thrive on interacting with people, and be good at it, to be great in business. Because whether we know it or not, we’re all in the relationship business.

Here’s what I also found to be valuable as a member – Charisma University is a more than just an online course.

CU is an online mastermind community revolved around becoming a kick-ass human being.

Below each module is a comment section where you can ask questions and get personalized feedback to increase your understanding. Charlie or someone else from of the community will jump in and to address your questions.

Charisma University also serves as an online mastermind group for personal growth.

I’m dead serious, you will never have to purchase another product again in it’s category again. It’s all right here for you.

I recently moved to Los Angeles (another brand new city) and I’m continually amazed to see what I learned at CU work for me over and over and over again.

I’m joining new social circles, creating new opportunities, and building more life-long relationships.

Charisma University Review Consensus

I can honestly say, Charisma University is hands down the best investment I’ve ever made.

In life, we’re constantly making first impressions, starting conversations, meeting new people, telling stories, and trying influence our outcomes. Charisma is the best tool you can have in your tool belt.

Charisma University is running now at $597. When I purchased CU, it was $500.

Looking back, I would have paid 5X that because my ROI (Return on Investment) was much larger.

Make the investment in yourself today before the price goes up again (because it will).

Everything I learned that benefited me was from somebody else. I wrote this review because I know what it did for me and I know what the feeling is like when you have a big breakthrough.

Your satisfaction is, of course, guaranteed. You don’t risk anything by seeing what’s up.

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