Who Is Kyle Nitchen?

Kyle Nitchen is a Construction Project Manager and Innovator. Kyle has been in the construction industry for 10 years starting with a small landscape company digging ditches to now leading and building complex state-of-the-art projects.

Kyle has built over $200M worth of construction projects and is on a mission to build $1 Billion worth of successful construction projects.

In his free time, Kyle is a personal & professional development podcaster on his pillar show – Nitch Radio.

Nitch Radio is an interview style podcast show which captures the journeys, lessons, and experiences of various leaders in business, philosophy, entertainment, art, & sport talent.

Kyle’s wealth vehicle of choice is owning real estate. Kyle is a successful young investor who loves the numerous benefits of owning and investing in cash flowing real estate.

Early Life:

Kyle Nitchen has been an athlete since he was old enough to play outside. From basketball to lacrosse to hockey to golf to snowboarding to trail running to CrossFit, Kyle was always physically active and ultra-competitive.

Hockey was the foundation of his athletics since 10 years old. Kyle had a 15 year hockey career ending at the collegiate level at Colorado State University.

Growing up, Kyle never excelled in or enjoyed the formal education system. He was a C & D student that drifted more or less through public school without ever really being able to focus or connect the dots.

Kyle relocated multiple times growing up. He was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and bounced around to many cities while his father was taking on exciting opportunities in his career which would often relocate the family. Some of these include: Northern California, Toronto, ON, Canada, Pueblo, CO, Fort Collins, CO, Miami Beach, FL.

As a result of being a poor student and graduating high school with a 1.2 GPA, Kyle was not accepted into any college or university. Kyle picked up his post-high school job as a laborer for a local landscape & construction company. Kyle dug ditches, hauled bricks, lifted things, and built small construction projects for 2 years after high school.

Finally, driven by his internal competitive fire, Kyle was determined to take his life and career to the next level. He was not satisfied or fulfilled with his current position in life as a laborer. Kyle swallowed his ego and signed up for basic level math and english classes at a community college (Pueblo Community College) to be able to re-apply to universities.

Kyle completed the community college courses and found a mentor who assisted him in getting his foot in the door at Colorado State University – Fort Collins, CO where he walked on to CSU’s Ice Hockey team.

Construction Management:

Kyle spent 3 years building in Miami and then moved to Los Angeles, CA where he’s been building healthcare projects ever since.

Even before leading construction projects, Kyle has been fascinated with leadership and discipline. Kyle believes it to be the most valuable skill in the marketplace.

The roots of Kyle’s personal leadership education has come from (2) very nontraditional but highly effective learning environments:

1. The Construction Job Site
2. The Highly Competitive Hockey team

Over the last 6 years, Kyle has built over $200M worth of commercial construction.

Kyle is currently on a mission to build $1 Billion worth of successful construction projects by executing great leadership principles.

Building a Personal Brand & Online Identity:

Kyle loves to learn, lead, and share. Kyle has been blogging on personal and professional development topics for 5 years.

Kyle’s website (www.KyleNitch.com) is the place where he documents his experiences and creates content on his favorite topics: fitness, philosophy, leadership, social dynamics, business, and personal development.

Kyle is a firm believer in intentionally leveraging the internet and digital marketing to gain attention around your work, give value, build relationships, and create more opportunity for your business & life.

Nitch Radio Podcast:

In 2016, Kyle launched a new personal & professional podcast show called Nitch Radio. On it, Kyle captures the journeys, lessons, and experiences of various leaders in business, philosophy, entertainment, art, & sport talent.

The goal is to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, mindsets, and much more.

Kyle is an aspiring world class business and thought leader on a mission to help people transform their thinking & create a life they’ve never dreamed was possible.

I started this blog for 5 reasons:

  1. To create a space online where I have a collection of all my BEST thinking. If I ever have good thoughts or ideas, I can write them here and produce quality work. I will always be able to revisit these documented ideas and I will easily be able to share them with people who might find them helpful.
  2. To LEARN. I’ve found the best way I learn and internalize something new is to first learn it myself and then teach it to others. Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and fingertips.
  3. To achieve greater clarity about my life, my work, and what matters most. That’s enough, and more than most people have.
  4. To network with like-minded people and form alliances that serve each other. Having an online platform turns out to be one of the BEST ways to market and connect with other influencers and it’s basically FREE.
  5. To share content and resources that were helpful for me. Everything I learned that benefited me was from somebody else. I want to keep the ideas going because I know what the feeling is like when you have a big breakthrough.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.