5 Tactics to Avoid Distractions, Increase Productivity, & Build Better Connection in a Digital World

Today, we are more connected than we ever have been. But are we really connected?

If you look around, some would say not really.

Don’t get me wrong. I am pro-technology, pro social media, and grateful for everything that technology has enabled us to do. I truly do believe there is no better time to be alive.

With that said, as the world changes and technology evolves, we need to develop new habits to adapt our 2 Million year old minds to the advanced modern world we live in.  

Human’s are social animals and our brains are built for community. We thrive on being part of social communities that we connect with and contribute to. This is what inspired me to writing this post today.  

We should all enjoy the pros of technology but also have a strategy for counteracting the cons.  

Here are 5 ways I have found from my experience to maintain high productivity, limit the distractions, and continue building great connections in the digital world. This applies to life, business, and relationships because tech. influences all of them. 

1. At work – Log out of all social media apps and turn off auto log ins.

 First, log out of all of your social media sites and turn off auto-log-in. This is best done the night before so you’re not checking in first thing in the morning.   When I have big days, I absolutely make sure I do this and it makes a substantial difference.  

Forcing yourself to manually type in your user name and password will give you a split second to ask yourself: “Do I really want to be looking at my Instagram feed or Twitter stream right now?” You know the answer to that question and will close the app when your reflexes kick in.  

Stay invisible or offline until you’re sure you have time to chat with people. 

2. At dinner & social gatherings – leave your smart phone in the car or at home.

Each of us find ourselves going out to dinner with friends or family, going to a movie, or participating in a networking event. Having our phone on us will only lead to distractions and not being fully engaged with who you are spending time with.  

Try just leaving your phone in the car or at home before these events. Focus on being empathetic and genuinely present with people. 

3. Have a designated box at home for your smart phone with self-imposed deadlines.

Create a specific space in your home for your smartphone to rest. For me, it’s a designated box. When my smart phone is in the box, I know it’s time to unplug.

It’s time to either focus on something specific like reading a book, cook dinner, getting a task done, or spend quality time with someone important.  

The designated box helps your mind recognize your intention and detach from your device. When you feel the urge to check your phone or social media, you’re immediately reminded that you placed your phone in the box for a reason or for X amount of time. 

4. Fewer Tabs on Your Computer Browser.

Have fewer tabs open in your browser at any given time. More tabs means more distractions. Set a limit on how many tabs you have open at once (there are google chrome and Firefox add-on that does it for you), and stick to it.  

There’s rarely a need or reason to check all the blogs, social media sites, and news channels as often as you do.  Get your stuff done, do your job well, and enjoy life.

5. Constantly refine and edit app notifications, email, and social media filters.

Similarly, we can get too easily distracted by the mess on our computer screens. Promotional emails, irrelevant tweets, and whatever else – we all experience them on a daily basis. The best way to deal with these distractions is to filter them out completely.  

The same goes for social media. Unfollow people who aren’t adding to whatever experience you’re trying to create through social media, so that your information streams are more focused.   

You can’t do big things if you’re distracted by small things.  

In summary, control your phone, don’t let it control you. Use your device intentionally and be a great digital role model.  

Thank you for reading, sharing, and supporting. Hope these ideas help.  Have a great week!  

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