27: Corey Philip: Clarity + Consistency = Success

Corey Philip

Clarity + Consistency = Success

EPISODE 27 – September 23, 2018

I’m excited to introduce an amazing entrepreneur and human being, Corey Philip to the podcast. Corey is the co-founder of his contacting business Gulf Coast Aluminum and operator of his blog – HomeProSuccess.com. Corey and I connected through our mutual friend Tony Booth, who interviewed us both on his podcast – The Contracting Coachcast. Corey is exceptionally good at explaining his thoughts and lessons learned simply, as you’ll discover in this episode. Enjoy!

“Clarity + Consistency = Success” – Corey Philip

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Growing a Home Service Business Using Facebook Ads (funnels)
  • Boot strapping a service business.
  • The time when a customer called the office to complain that a 20 year old kid was at the door when they were expecting to meet with the owner.  Corey was the 20 year old kid — the owner.
  • The day I fired over 20 employees and rebuilt an awesome team from scratch.
  • The difference between a Manager and a Leader
  • Sales strategies and presentation when you hate sales tactics (selling for introverts).
  • How To Compete as Big names Commoditize home services (this one is hot in the home services space).
  • The philosophy and explanation behind Clarity + Consistency = Success
  • Closing gratitude

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