25: The Story of Friends Over Foods With Sagar Madhiwala

Sagar Madhiwala

Founder of Friends Over Foods

Today I am excited to interview a very interesting and genuine man, Sagar Madhiwala. He is the founder of the app you can find on your iPhone or Android – Friends Over Food. FOF is an app that connects you to people through matching tastebuds.

Everyone gets hungry. But a man who eats too less and man who eats too much is not a true man. But the man who asks the question why is he really hungry and what is he hungry for is a true man.

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Sagar’s origin story and journey through medicine and entrepreneurship
  • The power of having a purpose and direction in life
  • The origin of the Friends Over Foods app came from
  • Relationships, Dating, and having the right intentions / reasons
  • The true definition of yoga
  • The relationship between your life and the food you eat
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  • Closing gratitude

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