Networking In The Hollywood Hills | The Journey 04

Another week of progress and forward movement. Grateful I got the chance to network and connect with some inspiring individuals in the Hollywood Hills. In this video, I also share 3 EASY Networking tips that have helped me attract more positive people into my life.

09: Charles Extrom: 10 Things Learned From The Biggest Entrepreneurial Event of 2017

The Kyle Nitch Podcast Ep. 09

Charles Extrom 10 Things Learned From The 10X Growth Conference EPISODE 09 – April 23rd, 2017 In this episode I interview my friend Charles Extrom. I met Charles in Las Vegas a couple of months ago at a networking event. We connected instantly because of our similar values and aspirations.

Starting A New Construction Project | The Journey 03

This week was amazingly productive. I started a new construction project that I’m managing, had a few really solid workouts, and interviewed a new guest for the podcast (Ep. 09) where I believe we provided a lot of value to the listeners.

Some More Documentation & Updates | The Journey 02

This weekly vlog series is all about documenting my journey over the long term. In this episode, I quickly go over some updates related to what I’ve been working on and doing the past couple weeks.

08: Dynamo De Jesus: How To Accomplish Your Bucket List

The Kyle Nitch Podcast Ep. 08

Ivan (Dynamo) De Jesus How to Accomplish Your Bucket List EPISODE 08 – April 9th, 2017 In today’s episode I got to interview my friend Dynamo De Jesus. Dynamo is an entrepreneur, artist, founder of Action Club, and overall amazing dude. Action Club is meet up group that acts a support group for your goals.