19: The Live Great Lifestyle with Fitness Coach Luke DePron

Luke DePron

Get Lean, Healthy, & Fit – The Live Great Lifestyle

EPISODE 19 – November 23rd, 2017

I’m excited because this is the first podcast where we really dive deep into one of my favorite topics – health, fitness, and lifestyle. In this episode, I interview San Diego based health & fitness coach Luke DePron.

We talk about how to get lean, healthy, & fit; all so you can maximize your potential. I know you guys will get some value from this conversation!

“Without your health and degree of fitness, you’re not operating at an optimal level. Whatever you’re doing, it will be elevated and improved by being healthy and fit. ” – Luke DePron

Some things we learn in this episode:

  • Luke’s story and journey into the health & fitness world
  • Luke’s strategy behind taking
  • The definition of the Live Great Lifestyle
  • The consequences of sitting for too long and the lack of movement
  • Strategies for countering the negative impacts coming from sitting at a desk for too long
  • The challenges and realities of being a personal trainer
  • Strategies that work for losing weight & burning fat
  • The 3 exercises all humans should be able to do for optimal living
  • The key traits that lead to the biggest transformations
  • Luke’s definition of leadership and value based lifestyle
  • Upcoming projects, and fun topics
  • How to move to a new city and build a solid network
  • Closing gratitude

Links, Products & Resources mentioned:

One of the recommended exercises – The Pallof Press:

Connect with Luke here:

Facebook: Luke DePron | Instagram: @livegreatlifestyle | YouTube: Live Great Lifestyle

Website: www.LukeDePron.com

Check out this excellent interview with Luke DePron, in Episode 19:

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