15: Josh Levin – The Story of Empowered Electric

Josh Levin

The Story of Empowered Electric

EPISODE 15 – September 4th, 2017

You guys know I love interviewing folks who are out there doing great things and making impact. In this episode I interview Josh Levin, founder of Empowered Electric.

Josh shares his amazing story about where he started and how he didn’t let his past dictate his future. This is what fueled him to starting his electrical contracting business – Empowered Electric.

Josh has built a company culture around values, people, integrity, and giving back. Josh also shares the realities of entrepreneurship, leadership, and building a business. Lot’s of value and resources in this episode!

“I’m building a for-profit business with a non-profit heart beat.” – Josh Levin

“You’re not coming to work for me, you’re coming to for us.” – Josh Levin

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • The mindset for learning your craft and improving yourself
  • How Josh met and married his wife
  • The story of how Josh quit his job and started his company Empowered Electric
  • The different between a “For Profit” and “For Purpose” business
  • The long term vision for Empowered Electric
  • How to find the right clients and build relationships with your client
  • Josh’s hiring and social media strategy
  • Examples of how Josh instills positive culture in Empowered Electric
  • The reality of running and building a business
  • Josh’s strategy for work-life-family balance
  • “Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.”

“We like to build the projects where you take your girlfriend on a date.” – Empowered Electric

Empowered Electric Project: The Rock Hill Grille, Kansas City, MO

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Connect with Josh Levin:

Facebook: Empowered Electric | Instagram: @empoweredkc | Email: josh@empoweredkc.com

Check out this excellent interview with Josh Levin, in Episode 15:

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