14: Expecting Greatness & Living A Life Of Excellence with John Hawkins

John Hawkins

Leadership & High Performance Coach, Author of Expect Greatness

EPISODE 14 – Expecting Greatness & Living A Life Of Excellence

In this episode I interview my new good friend, Big John Hawkins.

John is a senior-level leadership coach and strategy consultant and has worked with hundreds of clients, large and small, across all sectors. Not just an inspirational speaker–John Hawkins has written numerous articles, posts and leadership classes for Business magazines and Higher Education Institutions on personal leadership and developing high-performance teams.

As a member of Forbes Coaches Council on Leadership and Management, and active on several board of directors, John Hawkins’ multifaceted work includes being a top leadership keynote speaker, leadership coach and consultant, and a leadership author.

“You have to be aggressive and go after it but you also have to be patient and let things develop.” – John Hawkins

“We need to surround ourselves with good, quality, ridiculously legit people.” – John Hawkins

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • John’s background and story behind Building Effective Leaders
  • Using your adversities in the past to live with wisdom now
  • What are the qualities that make a great leader
  • The power of listening more than speaking
  • How to be more like-able, attractive, and connect with more people
  • The concept of starting and doing
  • The difference between perfection and excellence
  • The 3 words that drive John everyday
  • John’s 4 principles to pursuing excellence in every area of life

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Connect with John:

Facebook: John Hawkins | Twitter: @johnhawkins | Instagram: @bigjohnhawkins  | Email: jhawkins@buildingeffectiveleaders.com | Phone: (386) 243-9329

Check out this excellent interview with John Hawkins, in Episode 14:

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