13: Nick Wood – Building The Startup Community One App at a Time

Nick Wood

Founder at Kholo Inc.

EPISODE 13 – Building The Startup Community One App at a Time

In this episode I interview founder of Kholo Inc., Nick Wood. Kholo is an app developing company that builds apps for innovative startups looking to bring their unconventional ideas to reality. In this interview, we discuss Nick’s journey through entrepreneurship, sales, and life.

I really enjoyed this conversation because Nick doesn’t give you his advice on what to do and what not to do. He simply shares his experience on what he has found to effective for business, life, and leadership. He has a great perspective so I really hope you enjoy this conversation.

“Sometimes it takes doing the unscalable to scale.” – Nick Wood

“When the sun is shining, it’s time to make hay.” – Nick’s Dad

“A short stubby pencil is better than a long memory.” – Unknown

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Nick’s story of entrepreneurship, sales, and journey to founding Kholo Inc.
  • The purpose and vision of Kholo Inc.
  • Nick’s thoughts on the most challenging aspects of owning and running a company
  • The humbling realities of entrepreneurship
  • The Kholo strategy for networking and targeting your audience / clients
  • Nick’s definition of a leader
  • Investing in people and relationships
  • The power behind using the comparison bias to leverage your mind (28:00)
  • The principle of hard work
  • Nick’s goal setting routine (34:00)
  • Balancing relationships, kids, and life with building an elite company
  • What Nick enjoy’s doing outside of work with friends and family (43:30)
  • Nick’s closing thoughts for the young ambitious individuals out there (45:30)
  • Closing gratitude

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Connect with Nick & Kholo Inc:

Facebook: Nick Wood | Twitter: @NickKholo | Instagram: @NickKholo | Email: nick@kholoinc.com

Check out this great interview with Nick Wood, in Episode 13:

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