10 Principles That Make You an Exceptional Leader

Leadership is a prized skill set in our society. If you possess leadership, you are 10 steps ahead of the game.

You can do more, be more, and achieve more.

It’s a fact, if you engrain leadership into your life you will make more money, be happier, have greater influence, build better relationships, and live healthier.

Since committing to develop my leadership skills, all of the above has changed.

I am going to break leadership down into the 10 principles I have named to be the most important and commonly seen in my experience and research.

The leadership principles do not change, regardless if it’s in business, sports, family, or battle.

johnny toews

Jonathan Toews knows how to lead – 3 Stanley Cups, 2 Gold Medals, 2x World Champion

The 10 Principles:

1) Ownership

Leaders take ownership of their entire life. If they fail, they own it. If they make a mistake, they own it. If someone under them makes a mistake, they own it. No excuses, they do whatever it takes to succeed and win.

If someone on your team does something wrong it’s not their fault, it’s your fault. You didn’t show them how to execute.

2) Go First

Going first means having courage. Making yourself vulnerable and knowing 100% that everything will be okay in the end.

3) Humble

Everybody can picture that cocky guy that walks into the room and thinks he’s going to run show, but no body remembers who he is. Be humble and remain humble.

4) Respect Everyone

Respect everyone regardless of pay grade, seniority, status, or title. You respect everyone and they’re going to respect you.


Listening goes a long way. Stop talking and actually listen to what they’re saying. When someone’s talking, take some notes or something. That means so much to people. Show everybody that you are listening to them. This leads into #6.

6) Relationships

Life comes down to relationships. Everything exists in relation to another, nothing exists in isolation. Relationships are the most important thing we have. That is why leaders do the above. They’re humble, they respect everyone, and they listen because of relationships.

The types of relationships leaders create are the type where they would do ANYTHING in the world for that person, and the same goes vice versa.

7) Integrity

Have integrity and tell the truth, even when the truth is not well received. No half truths, no shadowing, no sugar coating, and no false realities. This also means don’t do things you don’t believe in yourself.

8) Go the Extra Mile

This goes without saying. This could also be principle #1. Being a leader goes hand in hand with being the hardest worker.

You gotta pay the cost, if you wanna be the boss.

9) Attractive Personality

Leaders have an attractive personality. People really enjoy being around this person. He or she is a force of personality. People are drawn into your world. When people are around you, they feel important.

10) Balance

Leaders calibrate and balance all of the above principles. Leadership is an art and you have to be a craftsman.

Be a chess player, not a checkers player.

General George S. Patton

General George S. Patton, US Army 1909-1945

A leader is a man who can adapt principles to circumstances.

Now I really need to know, who are some of your favorite leaders and why?

I’m always looking for more examples and people to learn from so let me know below!

Much love,



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