06: Community Q&A Episode

Community Q&A Episode

Answering Questions from the Community

EPISODE 06 – February 19, 2017

Questions answered in this episode:

  • “Do you have any book recommendations? And have you read How to Win Friends & Influence People? Would you recommend reading it?”
  • “Hey Nitch, quick question. You know any workout routines for getting more lean/shredded while keeping muscle mass?”
  • “Hey Kyle! I actually came across your website recently. It’s really nice to see someone taking a different approach to life. I was wondering what made you start the blog? What are your goals with the site?”
  • “How long have you been working out? What is one thing you would have done differently when you first started?”
  • “Kyle, I see you promoting a lot on social skills and charisma. Do you have any tips for getting a girlfriend?”
  • “Hello from South Florida, Kyle! Literally just started my blog last night, and updated my IG page to suit my blog marketing. Any advice you can give would be helpful for a fellow writer. I’ll be covering topics specifically for men, husbands, fathers, and some interesting things that I believe are a huge need and can touch the lives of many men in the world. God bless!”
  • “How do you lead at work if you’re not the boss?”

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