03: Primal Joe: Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Reduce Stress, & Kick-Ass

Joe Di Bernardo “Primal Joe”

Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Reduce Stress, & Live a Kick-Ass Life

EPISODE 03 – December 24th, 2016

I’m pumped to introduce you guys to an impressive guest in this episode of The Kyle Nitch Podcast. Today, I interviewed primal health coach Joe DiBernardo A.K.A. “Primal Joe.”

Joe is a formal NFL linebacker turned primal living coach. Joe helps men and women build muscle, reduce stress, lose fat, and live a kick-ass life via primal/ancestral health and exercise.

“My mission is to make healthy living easy for busy people.” – Joe Di Bernardo

Some things we learn in this episode:

  • The one trait that made Joe one of the 1% of collegiate football players to make it to the NFL
  • How to stay fit and healthy while commuting and sitting at a desk all day
  • How to build muscle and gain weight, even if you’re a skinny guy that struggles to put on weight
  • The one thing that Joe wishes everyone knew about health & fitness
  • The science behind high quality sleep
  • The important fats that we should add into our daily diet
  • What intermittent fasting is and how we can use its benefits for fat loss, muscle growth, and stress reduction
  • The 3 exercises that everyone should be doing (men & women)
  • How primal living actually reduces stress in your life
  • How health improves performance in the work place
  • Much, much more..

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Connect with Primal Joe:

Joe’s website for bookings and free, excellent content: www.primaljoe.com

YouTube: Primal Joe | Instagram – @primaljoe | Facebook: Primal Joe | Email: joe@primaljoe.com

Listen to a powerful interview with primal health coach Joe DiBernardo in Episode 03:

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