02: Robin Cash: Be Willing to Experience Anything

Robin Cash

Be Willing to Experience Anything

EPISODE 02 – December 10th, 2016

In today’s episode I got the chance to interview the lovely Robin Cash.

I met Robin six months ago at a fitness competition and we immediately connected. Right away I could tell that this woman was up to BIG things. She’s living the good life and has a vision larger than life. That’s why she’s here and I’m honored to have her as a guest on The Kyle Nitch Podcast.

Right now, Robin is the Client Performance Manager for Grant Cardone – NYT Best Selling Author and CEO of #1 Sales System in the World. Robin is also a sponsored athlete and overall superstar. I’m excited to bring you this episode as she brings a lot of value in sharing her routines, habits, and mindsets for creating success and facing adversity.

“What You See is What You Believe.”  Robin Cash

Some things we learn in this episode:

  • How Robin turned her life around after being hit by a drunk driver and told she wasn’t going to make it
  • The 2 biggest things Robin has learned from working with Grant Cardone
  • How to control time so you can 10X your productivity and results
  • What makes Robin tap dance out of bed every morning
  • Robin’s 3 biggest goals at the moment
  • What makes someone love their job
  • The benefits of meal prepping and nourishing the body
  • Why you should invest in yourself before anything or anyone else
  • The most powerful strategy for goal setting and how to do it
  • Robin’s morning routine and how she finds purpose

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Connect with Robin Cash:

Instagram – @robin.cash | Facebook: Robin Cash | Email: robin@grantcardone.com

Welcome to an inspiring interview with powerhouse Robin Cash in Episode 02:

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