01: Alejandro Santana: How to Live a Good Life…For Free

Alejandro Santana

How to Live a Good Life…For Free

EPISODE 01 – November 25th, 2016

Today, I had the honor to interview my good friend Alejandro Santana to learn more about his story and get his take on the good life and how to be a better leader.

Alejandro has a very exciting career in the restaurant, bar, and nightlife industry. On top of that he is a fitness expert and content creator who promotes health and wealth.

Our interview began with Alejandro taking me on a tour of all the bars and restaurants under his management. I must say, it was quite impressive to see from a behind the scenes perspective, the impact that these brands are having on the social life in Miami.

Alejandro is part of an extraordinary team owned and operated by Cesar Morales – Wood Tavern Group. Wood Tavern Group manages and designs some of the trendiest bars in Miami, which includes Wood Tavern, The Bar Next Door (BND), Pancho Tacos, Taberna Las Rosas, and recently Miami Mojito Company. They also have 1 more in the works opening Christmas 2016.

Here are some of the topics Alejandro and I hit on in this episode:

  • What keeps him motivated
  • How to flip your internal “switch” to stay motivated and accomplish anything
  • His views on fitness and creating a healthy lifestyle
  • His method for turning a negative situation into a positive one
  • Much, much more…

I got a lot of value and inspiration from interviewing Alejandro which is why I brought him on the podcast.

One notable take away that I got was from when he mentioned the importance of finding your “Why?” 

Once you truly know your “Why” everything else starts to flow and you become unstoppable. – Alejandro Santana

Alejandro strongly recommended everyone read the book: Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

The best place to connect with Alejandro is on Instagram – @fitalejo

You can also reach out to him with any questions via email at fitalejo@gmail.com

Check him out and get ready for a positive, powerful perspective on the good life in Episode 1:

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